#Human Rights
United Nations

Iraqi people have been and continue demonstrating peacefully and marching against corruption and impotence of The Iraqi government since 1st of October 2019. This has met with unprecedented violence, arrest of bystandards and activists and restriction of communication with outside world by Iraqi government. The result is the killing of over 300 and wounding of over 12,000 demonstrators and activists in October 2019 alone, and it continues. The successive Iraqi governments, political elites, government militias and its affiliates have robbed the Iraqi people of over 1.6 trillion dollars in revenues since 2003; through corruption, increased sectarian strife; allowing terrorism to thrive and the Iraqi people want their removal peacefully.

We the undersigned call on the UN and the peaceful people and governments of the world to support the plight of the Iraqi people to demonstrate peacefully and to put pressure on the Iraqi government to listen to the peaceful demonstrators, resume internet connection, stop corruption, hold new clean election and have an impartial judiciary system that hold people and officials to account for their crimes and corruption.

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