Greek Ministry of Education
United Kingdom

The Greek Nursery and Primary School of London was established in 1983. From its current premises, which were bought during the Andrea’s Papandreou government has operated since 1988. It is the only full time Greek school in Britain and currently operates with 62 children.

It provides education from 3.5 years old up to 12 years old. The school programme is based on the Greek Educational Curriculum of 5 periods every day and 2 periods of English based on the British Educational Curriculum.

The Greek Government is proposing to get rid of a number of teachers and merge classes with less than 8 children to one class regardless of which year the pupils attend. The photograph above displays the 1st, 3rd and 5th grade of the school on its premises.

The Greek Nursery and Primary School of London is threatened with severe cuts in funding, staff reduction and class merging. This eventually could lead to the closure of the school, which has operated successfully since 1983.

We request from you to sign our petition against the above measures and support us to keep our children educated within the Greek educational system, its values, traditions and beliefs.

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