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March 22, 2006

There is an urgent need to tackle Global Warming. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the air is increasing rapidly. The main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide has increased it's concentration by 35% since the industrial revolution and its concentration is rising at over half a per cent per year. As a result the earth has warmed by half a degree Celsius in the last thirty years.

The Arctic is warming much faster than the rest of the world.

The warming is caused by the emissions by human society of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, which absorb infra red light in the lower atmosphere.

Continuing emissions of these gases are causing a grave danger that the Arctic will warm sufficiently to cause the sea ice to melt completely in late summer leading to a runaway greenhouse event.

The best way of avoiding this future is to make huge reductions in greenhouse gas emissions immediately. There should be an immediate global reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, by 35%, but assuming the world will not agree to this Britain should take the lead and make these reductions unilaterally by taxing carbon emissions. Hopefully the rest of the world, especially nations with high per capita emissions of greenhouse gases will follow our example.

Even deeper cuts will have to follow so that global greenhouse gas emissions are reduced over the next few years by 75%.

We are calling on the British government to start the process of these deep reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases by making reductions of 35% in national emissions within the next six months and advise the rest of the world to follow these reductions.

Even deeper reductions should follow. We are calling for global cuts in greenhouse gas emissions of 75% within the next few years, which will represent a reduction in the western world of more than 85%.

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