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Bonne Mares Limited
United Kingdom

195-197 City Road, Cardiff was once the iconic Gaiety cinema and later a Spin Bowling Alley. The building had been left empty for several years (we believe since 2006) and the company who owns it have fallen into debt.

Throughout the years that this building was empty, it has been abused by drug addicts and people stealing fixtures from the inside of the building. Earlier this year, a group of individuals have entered the building and are trying to set it up as a free social centre for the use of the community. Because of seeing lots of enthusiastic and supportive members of the community, we think this is a valid project.

We want to set up various skillshare sessions in the space, including several workshops in arts and crafts, music, performance art, language, yoga, climbing, freerunning etc. We would also like to us the space to kickstart several art projects and hold exhibition, all of which will be completely free.

Bonne Mares Limited have recently won a courtcase for a standard possession order, meaning they can send baliffs and remove us from the building whenever they choose. We need to act now if we want to save the space, which will otherwise be left to rot away (judging from the lack of interest from both buyers and owners).

We would ideally like to gain some sort of legal possession, preferably we would like to be able to look after the building until it is sold. We do not want any money but are more than willing to fix it up and work on it. We think this is both in the interest of the owner and the local community.

If you want to find out more about the project please visit http://welcometogremlinalley.wordpress.com/ or http://www.facebook.com/GremlinAlleyCardiff or send us an email welcometogremlinalley@riseup.net

If you would like to see our project come into fruition, please show support by signing this petition. We appreciate any kind of help we can get.

Thank you.

We call for the owner of the building 195-197 City Road, Cardiff (once known as the Gaiety) and the owner of Bonne Mares Limited to allow the current occupiers legal possession of the building for use as a free community centre until such time that the building is sold or has new official owners.

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