#Children's Rights
White house- Donald Trump
United States of America

There are 2,000 children every 3 days removed from there homes.. 80% of those children go missing in the states care.. parents are left without due process and wondering where their children are. 584 out of 1,000 children died in L.A. alone that were removed and put in foster care. More children die are raped, and drugged in foster care. They are 10 times more likely to be abused then being left in their home with their parents. It's happening everywhere we have to stand and fight for our children and our children's rights. Someone needs to be held accountable for what's happening. Time for the GOVERNMENT OUR GOVERNMENT TO STAND UP FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND SAVE OUR CHILDREN!!!

We the undersigned call on the United States government to look into child protective serves and abolish the "kids for cash" incentives and bounus's that child protective services are receiving to " legally kidnap" our children.. our children our future please stop this unjustly removals that is happening all over our nation. Our children deserve to be at home safe. The parents know what's in their child's best interest not some strangers being passed around from foster home to foster home. It's time to wake up and see what happening to our children. When one rises, we all rise!!

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