Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust
United Kingdom

Ipswich hospital is cutting hundreds of jobs throughout its hospital, some proposed cuts include a service provided by two highly qualified child oncology specialist nurses.

These nurses deal with all the children in Ipswich and surrounding areas who have some sort of cancer. More importantly they provide care for children who have a terminal cancer and provide care for them at home.

Ipswich hospital is proposing a cut to this service and these two nurse's jobs are on the line. This will have a huge impact on families allready in there care. It will also mean that children with terminal diseases will not be able to peacefully pass away in their own homes, hospital will replace that comfort.

These nurses are the only two in Ipswich who specifacally offer this service to children, we don't want a proposed cut to their positions, we want them to carry on providing the wonderful service that they do!

Please help these nurses to keep their jobs!

We, the undersigned, urge Ipswich hospital to NOT cut the child health oncology nursing service.

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