#Animal Welfare
The Chinese Government.

I've always known about the problems in China, and how they use cats and dogs in there meat. I know that not all Chinese are for this and that many are against it but it isn't enough. Only SOME of the vival things that are happening are: -Cats and dogs are locked up in tight cages, squeezed together. -Live cats and dogs are being cut up (without neutralizes, not that if there were neutralizers it would be okay, its still very wrong) -Cats and dogs are being inhumanly abused and even pets are taken of the street and abused to make Chinese food.

By signing below you are helping save about 10 million cats and dogs in china that are inhumanely and unnaturally abused. All the animals lovers, imagine it were your pets and beloved companions and friends in those cages.

Or if you were and animal in China, how would you feel? So, we the people who sign below, sign with pride and comfort, knowing that every signature helps save millions of cats and dogs a day.

We ask the Chinese Government to put an end to this cruelty!

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