#Animal Rights
Devon County Council Building
United Kingdom

I am writing about the proposals to build a new town called Cranbrook near where I live. If you do this, millions of animals, birds, insects and even people will lose their homes and livelihoods. I know that it is now far too late to stop the building, but it is not too late to reduce the plans to half the size. This is the flood plains that you are about to build on so your building work will only be destroyed if there is a flood, which there is a high risk of.

This is supposedly to reduce homelessness and to increase the number of people employed, but it will actually destroy more employment by destroying the farmers’ land and the forest where the forest rangers work. If we do need more business jobs, old buildings can be reconstructed and reused wherever possible. As for the homeless issue, I feel that the right way to deal with this would be to reuse old homes wherever possible and to reduce household costs.

Haven’t you ever taken the time to observe and try to understand the beautiful wildlife that live there? The wonders of nature should teach you why it is so important that you reduce the planned area to around half its size. Trees are vital for our survival as they produce life-giving oxygen as well as providing a home to the unique British wildlife.

Unless you at least reduce the planned area, you will never be forgiven by the environmentalists. There may be protests outside the Council houses, letters of hate and disgust, and maybe even economic boycotts of this county. I will not support the Council in any way until you reduce the plans and unless you do so, I for one will never forgive you".

This was how my letter to the Devon County Council read. Unless I get enough signatures here, beautiful innocent wild animals will die.

We, the undersigned, call on the Devon County Council to reduce the building work done here and reduce the amount of damage to the wildlife and the countryside.

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