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the legend of spyro trilogy is good but dawn of the dragon slaughtered the story my fellow spyro fans this petition is to activision and blizzard to ether a give up the name to some one more capable or b finally get to work on a new game.

There has Ben only talk of a new game however as you may search it theirs no data no physical evidence of such activity's in over two years. how ever since the purchasing of the spyro game rights blizzard has done nothing to show a new games creation. It is be leaved by many that this monolith of a company merely desired the name for personal promotion purposes. As such im creating this petition to have the games right passed on to some one more capable of producing a new game before this company drags the series into its coffin and drives the final nail ending its grand courier

i agree with this statement and sign to show i care for the true hero of the series to fight for the creation that sturd the lives of young to old and placed memories of fun and family times.

i here by state that this petition has my legal name and validity as a US citizen and there for support its meaning and message

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