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1. Re-upload the video "Let's Build: Portal House"

Recently Achievement Hunter uploaded a video on their YouTube channel "LetsPlay" and removed it from said channel due to content some viewers may have found offensive.

The viewers of their content should know that they may publish some racy content, but it is always a joke. The employees Geoff Ramsey and Gavin Free merely made a joke and obviously do not condone stalking pedestrians.

2. Support the BC Grizzly Hunt

Hunters and outdoorsmen have long been the true conservationists in Canada, North America, and the world. The money spent by Hunters and Outdoorsmen and the true care for how wildlife is managed properly is surpassed by no group.

Several lobby groups have attempted to pressure and persuade the BC government (among others) to end sport hunting. Sport hunting is a very useful and important tool in wildlife management and no group is more passionate about wildlife and proper management than outdoorsmen and the hunting community. These lobby groups have targetted the BC Grizzly bear hunt in an attempt to eventually end all sport hunting.

Game management is important to all groups of outdoor recreationalists, tourits, outdoorsmen, and the future generations in Canada, North America, and the world. The endless projects and financial support for wildlife management by outdoorsmen have led the way to create stable and supporting management practices.

Human impact will continue to provide challenges to managing wildlife properly. This petition is created to show the numbers of people who truly support proper wildlife management and who feel that the BC grizzly hunt should not be cancelled due to pressure from Lobby groups whose interests do not lie in proper or sustainable wildlife management.

3. We support LtMKilla

There is a petition to remove LtMKilla from youtube due to his profanity. This is the petition to remove the petition to remove LtMKilla also known as Michael Jones.

4. Gnomes need pets too

In past expansions us Gnomes have not been given a fair deal. We are short and cute and sometimes disturbing, but we have rights too.

People often want to punt us or blame their failures on the cute and short. Well, we are done with that nonsense!

Blizzard we plead to you, to allow us to be Hunters. With this grand profession we would be able to show the world that we will not go blindly into the dark, we will have our faithful companions beside us to take a bite out of said dark! No more will people giggle and point behind our back, for we will have a pet to watch our back.

Gnomes being Hunters would allow us to wield a gun and a bow and hunt with our faithful companions. We Gnomes have been faithful citizens in Azeroth and as such we too would like to be one with the animals of our worlds.

5. Monster hunter 3 on PS3

We want capcom to finish monster hunter 3 on the PS3, because we want it!

6. Petition for Ontario to save Szymon who suffers from Hunter's Syndrome

Please join this petition to pressure Ontario to provide care to Szymon. He suffers from a very rare genetic disorder called Hunter's Syndrome or MPS II.

This devastating progressive syndrome affects the whole body, major organs, joints.

Currently the Ontario drug plan refuses to cover the cost of a therapy which not only could dramatically increase the quality of life of Szymon but is also potentially life saving. This treatment is funded in British Columbia and Alberta. Medicare should cover everyone regardless of the illness or location.

More info:

7. Tasha Robbie married Credit

June 12, 2006

For months now on Home and Away we have had to suffer the old opening credits of Robbie Hunter and Tasha Hunter being separate. (This was due to the cult storyline.)

We demand that this Happily Married Couple be fairly represnted at the start of each show !!

8. Keep Dog The Bounty Hunter

If you watch Dog The Bounty Hunter, you know he is a Christian bounty hunter who does not believe in the use of weapons.

He instead uses mace and his voice- and also prayer- to capture fugitives and criminals.

Yet people are scheming to get his show canceled. Keep his show on the air and also communicate with other Dog fans.

9. Revoke the Importation of Exotic Wildlife Licence to Steve Irwin

Update: September 7, 2006

This petition is now closed.


Steve 'the Crocodile Hunter' Irwin has applied for Exotic Wildlife Importation Licence. So far he has imported Asiatic Elephants and Pythons. We do not need Wildlife that are not native to Australia to caged, corraled, entombed in some concrete, enslave, for the benefit of exploitation and money. Steve 'the Crocodile Hunter' Irwin of Beerwah Zoo of Miseries in Qld has NO interest of the animals. His interests are exploitation and MONEY. There is nothing educational about exploiting and abusing animals

10. Save S.A.D.I. (Stroke And Disability Information (Hunter) Inc.)

Stroke And Disability Information (Hunter) Inc., known as S.A.D.I., originally commenced in 1988 as an advocacy and information service to strokees and their families and was then called Stroke Recovery Hunter Outreach Centre. Acceptance of a government grant required that we drop the Stroke Recovery from our name and include all disabilities. The funding allows us to employ one full-time Coordinator and one part-time Clerical Assistant. The Management Committee is a body of volunteers and we have 2 - 3 volunteers who work in the office as well as a small number of volunteers who work in the community organising localised Stroke Recovery Clubs. Our aim is to provide help and support to ALL people with disabilities, their carers and families, especially strokees. We currently have a clientele of 2000 individuals. Funding is in the order of $55,000/year. Our funding body, Department of Ageing, Disability & Home Care in conjunction with Home and Community Care, is now planning to withdraw funding.

11. Improve Hunter's Ridge Visitor Parking Situation

Please read petition for the description. (So we may be taken seriously, only current Hunter's Ridge of Blacksburg, VA residents should sign this petition).