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Just got back from a Partnership Board meeting with Jim Dickson, Cabinet Minister for Health and Well Being and councillor in Lambeth to discuss the cuts. The council's budget has been cut by 10% yet they have cut People First, Lambeths only advocacy service for people with Learning Difficulties by 90% meaning they have to close down. They will basically confined to becoming prisoners in their own home, with fear of mockery on the streets and no access to training, to advocacy or most importantly to them, no social life.

Dickson had no excuse for cutting them other than "someone had to go" and avoided all questions about what will happen to people with learning difficulties once it is abolished in March. An organisation costing around only 70k a year to run, which pays for itself thousands of times over every year.

Please sign this petition to keep 'People First' going and let's save an organisation which is a saviour to others. Without it, we are condemning these people to a life of solitary confinement! Don't let the council do this!

For more info, view a few short films here to understand why this cause is so important, or scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign the petition:

Thank you for your time.

Gary and Mark

We, the undersigned call on Lambeth Council to refrain from closing down 'People First'.

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