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Square Enix

Everyone who understands the title knows exactly what this petition is all about.

One of the best fb games of all time, with zillions of players every day has only a few months left.

We do not know the reason, but whatever it is, it cannot be urgent or important enough to cancel a Legend just like that.

The entertainment industry suffers from profit-hunger like never before. Movies not made, shows cancelled, decisions made by people who care about money, and not about quality and artistic value.

Several examples could be made from any branch of the global entertainment industry, from music to (video) games, but for obvious reasons, they will be not named. It is enough to know that we all could mention something dear to us that was cancelled, declined, dropped... destroyed.

Knights of the Crystals is not an imax movie with a billion-dollar-budget, it is a facebook game. The purpose of such games is to entertain, and KotC fulfilled this duty at it's best.

It has a unique system, the only real collectible game that can be found, not to mention the beautiful and immersive artwork.

More than enough said already.

We, the undersigned, sincerely ask the staff and creators of the facebook game Knights of the Crystals, to keep the game online, working, playable, as long as it brings thrill and happyness to all of it's dedicated players worldwide. Nobody wants it cancelled.

Should this be unacceptable to the above mentioned, the second point of this petition is to have Knights of the Crystals 2 produced to ease the pain of the players missing its prequel.

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