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1. Final Fantasy XIV Online

Should Final Fantasy xiv a realm reborn go free to play?
you gonna ask why did i do this? well i did this because it will keep the forum "clean" and preventing negate comments, that will end up locking up the thread.

2. Inheritance series Movie Petition

The Inheritance series is a collection of 4 books. The main characters consist of a young farm boy named Eragon and a young dragon called Saphira. The two of them meet when Eragon finds her egg in the Spine; a deadly woods. He ends up becoming a young dragon Rider and goes through a series of life threatening adventures to seek revenge after his uncle who was murdered and finds the passion of his life. He becomes an elf-man and a dragon trainer. He becomes what the world needed. A protector. The books were written by the known author Christopher Poalini who started writing the books at age 15. The books have become popular and there has been a movie made.

3. Joss Whedon to produce Terry Pratchett Discworld Series!

Terry Pratchett fans across the world were saddened and dismayed earlier this year by the death of this best selling and wonderfully brilliant author.

Terry Pratchett has sold over 85 million copies of his books worldwide in 37 languages.

What better way to keep his brilliance alive and spread his magic to more fantasy lovers than to bring his Discworld series to life on screen.

I can think of no one else more qualified to do this than Joss Whedon another brilliant creator of fiction.

Joss Whedon is best known as the creator of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003), Angel (1999–2004), Firefly (2002), Dollhouse (2009–10) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–present). Whedon co-wrote Toy Story (1995), wrote and directed Serenity (2005), co-wrote and directed Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (2008), co-wrote and produced The Cabin in the Woods (2012), and wrote and directed The Avengers (2012) and its sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). Need I say more!

Spread this idea as far and wide as possible so that Joss will hear and maybe bring our Discworld dreams to life!

4. Create A Warriors Movie!

As some of you probably know, "Warriors" is a series of books written by four women under the collective pseudonym of Erin Hunter that, despite being aimed at children aged 9-12, was a New York Times Besteller for 117 weeks in 2013 and has received positive reviews from critics, in addition to having garnered a wide, diverse fan base across the world due to it's intelligent story lines and Tolkien-esque feel.

With these facts put together, "Warriors" would be an obvious choice for a film adaptation; however, many fans are skeptical and even nervous about such an adaptation due to the failure of multiple adaptations, such as "Eragon", "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones", and, most famously, "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole".

To the collective boards of Warner Bros, Lionsgate, and Universal, I have targeted this petition towards you because the three of you have been behind some of the most successful-and memorable-book-to-film adaptations, as well as high quality and memorable films in general, and I have great faith that you will do justice to this series.

5. Brown About Town

After the crowd funding success of short film / pilot 'What a Gun', Dingo Cross Films seeks to continue the adventures of Bernie Brown and her faithful companion Bourke, the talking dog, in a mini series called 'Brown About Town'.

The show will be comedy / fantasy / drama, with familiar plotlines and characters, but a touch of insanity. You’ll never know what Bernie's fantastical mind might conjure up next, anything goes for 'Brown About Town'.

We believe in scope for a six part mini series, with 30 minute episodes, and seek an audience show of support. If you like what we do at Dingo Cross Films, raise your hand for something a little bit different!

To show your further support, please 'like' the Dingo Cross Films page at

6. Project Crystallis

Project Crystallis

Project Crystallis is a fan-made organization to bring attention to two games. Namely, Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Currently exclusive to PS3) and Final Fantasy Type-0 (currently exclusive to PSP). Both these games are part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Mythology.

The aim of this project differs in regards to both these games:

Final Fantasy Versus XIII:

This game has been announced roughly six years ago. Currently, the only information available to the gaming community is a few minutes of footage. Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced at roughly the same time as Final Fantasy XIII, yet the latter game has not only had a sequel, but a third game is in the making. The aim of this project is to increase Square Enix’s transparency regarding this game as much as possible so that we may obtain more information, possibly even a release window.

General FF Versus XIII Info:

Project Crystallis FF Versus XIII Video:

Final Fantasy Type-0:

This game (originally known as Final Fantasy Agito XIII) is a role-playing game developed by Square Enix and has been released in Japan on October 27, 2011. This game is, supposedly, fully translated, however it has not yet been localized and there is no information available as to whether or not it will be. However, recent events have shown that Square Enix NA is genuinely surprised that there is this much demand for this game in the west. Thus, it may be easier to achieve this goal than the first one. Specifically, our goal is to get Square Enix to notice the demand on this game and localize it in both North America and Europe.

Type-0 Information:

Type-0 Promotional Video:








Everyone who understands the title knows exactly what this petition is all about.

One of the best fb games of all time, with zillions of players every day has only a few months left.

We do not know the reason, but whatever it is, it cannot be urgent or important enough to cancel a Legend just like that.

The entertainment industry suffers from profit-hunger like never before. Movies not made, shows cancelled, decisions made by people who care about money, and not about quality and artistic value.

Several examples could be made from any branch of the global entertainment industry, from music to (video) games, but for obvious reasons, they will be not named. It is enough to know that we all could mention something dear to us that was cancelled, declined, dropped... destroyed.

Knights of the Crystals is not an imax movie with a billion-dollar-budget, it is a facebook game. The purpose of such games is to entertain, and KotC fulfilled this duty at it's best.

It has a unique system, the only real collectible game that can be found, not to mention the beautiful and immersive artwork.

More than enough said already.

8. Remake of Final Fantasy 7

The game Final Fantasy 7 was one of the top selling games of its time. Since the creation, the game has been played and replayed. It was even considered to be in the top 10 games of its time.

Even today, people still play this game, in the desperate hope that a newer and better version be made.

9. Keep Leona Lewis in Final Fantasy 13

It has been announced that "Echo" by Leona Lewis will be the title track on the new Final Fantasy 13.

There is an incredible amount of emphasise on original music throughout the game series and after Lewis's amazing cover of Snow Patrol's "Run" allowing Leona to record the main song is sheer genius.

But there is a deluded minority that want to stop Leona from the success she so clearly deserves. Help us support Leona.

So let's work together and "Keep Leona Lewis in FF13".

10. Lost Boys 4

The original Lost Boys was ahead of it's time and captured the imagination of a generation. There are not many people today who have not seen The Lost Boys.

Fans of the original waited 21 years for a below par sequel that went straight to DVD. Now the third installment is set to release and slated for a straight to DVD release as well.

11. Support rezoning of property for the Washington Renaissance Faire

In 2008 the Washington Renaissance Faire acquired a 206 acre site in Belfair, Washington. It is our hope to have it ready for use by August 2009.

We are currently working on conversion and rezoning the property and would like signatures on this petition to show the Mason County Commissioners that the Faire is wanted and supported in Mason County and throughout the Northwest.

Our goal is to bring the highest quality family entertainment, through a combination of theater, living history, entertainment as well as education. Eight stages include jousting, dancing, music, magic, juggling, royals, comedy, pirates, history, games, fun and more. We have 100 merchants selling their handcrafted wares and many varieties of food and fare.

12. Keeping Inuyasha Alive in our fantasy 4 ever

A support to keep your best anime magna keeo goin as far as it ever goin to go.
Ive Been reading hundreds or many of stories ppl wich is inuyasha fans have ever made, they keep inuyasha going in their fantasy bu writing it to their own stories, and it tuched me to see how many tht love inuyasha.

I and you guys should keep fight and get our favourite magna back on tv! None stop! Like Naruto.. over 200 episodes!
Mills of inuyasha fans keep preying anf hoping tht he once will come back. Help me ppls to get him back if you realy are to show to be his fans!

Inuyasha 4 ever and always!

13. Make RIFTs MMORPG please

"RIFTS"(by Palladium Books) is a pen/paper RPG that I think would make an awesome MMORPG. They say that over 100,000 copies of the game book has been sold. It is a world that puts both fantasy and science fiction together in a perfect blend. The worlds and the characters are some of the best I have ever seen. We need a new breed of MMORPGs and I think RIFTS will be the game to do it. Even a RIFTS movie is being made. I am asking anyone who also thinks that a RIFTS MMORPG should be made soon to please sign this petition and please spread the word. Then, we may be able to see one of the best RPGs transformed into one of the best MMORPGs. Thank you for your support!

Below is an example of RIFTS:

"Rifts® is a multi-genre role-playing game that captures the elements of magic and the supernatural along with science fiction and high technology. It spans countless dimensions making anything and everything possible. Players are limited only by their imaginations!

Rifts® is a complete, role-playing game that can stand alone or be combined with characters and elements from the entire Palladium Megaverse®. Players can easily bring in characters from Heroes Unlimited™, Robotech®, Nightbane™, RECON®, Mystic China, The Palladium Fantasy RPG, or any of Palladium's RPGs".(taken from

14. Final Fantasy VII Recreation

This petition is aimed at SquareSoft USA and is related to the recreation of Final Fantasy VII for PS2 and PC.

The Final Fantasy VII Recreation Movement (FFVIIRM) are wanting SquareSoft USA to recreate Final Fantasy VII. The platforms for the recreation are PlayStation 2 and PC. Through much discussion with many devoted FFVII fans, we want the storyline and main concepts to remain exactly the same, as we don't want it to differ from the original. The graphics have sadly started to become outdated, and we believe that by re-enhancing them, not only will the existing fans purchase the new FFVII and love it, new fans will be attracted by the newcomer.

We think that the graphics should be fully 3D, as opposed to 3D models and 2D backgrounds. The FMV's should be redone to the standard of the movie FF:TSW or FFIX. This would attract many new possible gamers because 3 years has passed since the original was created and there are already new teenagers and young adults who haven't heard of FFVII. We believe that this is a perfect opportunity to boost the FFVII fan community.