City of Somersworth
United States of America

The “New School” at Stackpole Rd and High St has a projected cost of $20 Million – which is due to rise yearly. The cost to renovate Hilltop Elementary School has not been researched since 1999 (which was approximately $3.084 Million).

The cited reasons for a new school are overcrowding in Maplewood and the Middle School, and that Hilltop renovation isn’t worth taxpayers’ dollars. Former councilor Todd Marsh told Fosters that City Council was “making the decision [to buy the land for the New School] to have an option.”

Since that decision passed back in December 2007, it has remained the only option for the future of our children. An ad-hoc reuse committee was established for the sole purpose, as Mike Micucci puts it, of finding uses for Hilltop other than a school.

Consider this petition our demand for a second option – to find what it would cost to renovate/update Hilltop Elementary School.

We, the citizens of Somersworth, call on City Council and School Board to have an assessment done on Hilltop Elementary School for renovation costs by a preservation architect before the City funds any new school plan.

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