#City & Town Planning
City of Cedar Park Texas
United States of America

May 10, 2006

This petition is limited to the residents of Cedar Park City, Texas.

Cedar Park has proposed to join a Regional Williamson County Animal Shelter. This facility will house cats and dogs from Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, Hutto, and the unincorporated areas of the county. The shelter proposed will have only 64 dog runs, 35 of which will be dedicated as adoption pens.

Presently Cedar Park Animal Control, which euthanizes only in very extreme cases, has 32 dog runs which adequately services the City of Cedar Park.

The new facility will not have the room for all four cities and the unicorporated area, and will inevitably resort to euthanization as a way to control their demand on resources and available pens. With this much area of responsibility they cannot adequately service conscientiously the citizenry they are responsible for.

Animal Control of Cedar Park is not allowed to advertise en masse its adoption services and and is allowed no ability to fundraise or promote itself in outreach programs.

We would like to request the City of Cedar Park not only to keep its Animal Control, instead of resorting to the regional facilty, but to allow Animal Control to perform functions that will help them in service to the citizenry of Cedar Park.

We request that the City of Cedar Park not join the proposed Regional Animal Shelter to be built in Georgetown's inner loop. We wish for Cedar Park to keep it's Animal Control to service the Cedar Park area.

We also wish for the City of Cedar Park to grant them the right to advertise, perform fundraisers and any other other outreach activities that will aid them in their ability to do their job.

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