#Human Rights
Australian government

We as a people have had human rights for millions of years... black people have only recently had their rights and even now women. However when it comes to religion and the communion ceremony, only that of a woman and man are able. No matter the race or sexuality we as a people should be able to determine equal rights, not a religion or tribal vows. We write this Partien to enable rights of all to marry in Australia. Sydney is the gay capital of the world and it has also progressed by apologising to the aboriginal owners. If we can grow as a multicultural country, can we not do it as a family too?

We are asking people to sign So we can sign something. If enough people want to click on a button and say yes we are able to get this equality in. Why would you not unless you can't be bothered right? After all ten y enjoys smashed avo over a home... if politicians want to say no, that's great, but what about 80% of the generation that is about to over take and want a better life than that of their family before them?

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