Residents and visitors to Montclair NJ
United States of America

A group of Montclair NJ residents want safer streets. We want Vision Zero empowered and funded immediately so they can start to put the safe streets plan in place. There have been far too many crashes, far too many persons killed and injured. We have condoned a freeway approach where cars race up/over 70mph, cars regularly run lights, don't stop for pedestrians and/or go around cars that are stopped at crosswalks and even school buses are being hit by cars.

Our streets are dangerous, very dangerous with far too many collisions.

School buses have recently been hit by cars, cars are regularly flipped over, cars regularly end up on sidewalks and lawns, crossing guards and families have been hit by vehicles, dogs hit and kids/families injured. The town has 60 identified high risk intersections and elsewhere cars regularly travel at highway speeds in 25 and 30 mph zones.

“At 40 miles per hour or higher, all crashes with the S.U.V. killed the pedestrians” NY Times Fri. Oct. 21, 2023

We are petitioning our town council to take immediate action by:

-Enforcing traffic laws immediately - red light running, speeding, careless driving, failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, etc.
-Lower speed limits across the town and in school zones
-Embrace, empower, fund and back the efforts of the town’s Vision Zero task force with with action (not rhetoric)

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