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Wars! They destroy!
I know these would make like a small difference, no big imapact even if the whole world signs it. Today, i still have a small hope if UN stops and settles the Russian-Ukrainain war!
Has the president or prime-minister ever thought what happens to the families of soldiers or those who die in the crossover? Millions of wars have been waged till now and no one ended with a victory! And by victory, i mean true victory! The victory of not getting anyone killed or harmed! We are humans! Each one of us. Even if our thoughts are different, we still are humans! And its in our hands to stop a new war! Who knows if this so small looking war turns into something big! What if nukes get used? Many wont care cause it isnt their problem or their chance of facing a terrible death by radioactive radiations! And yes! Who even cares of a just born talented human in the country that is in a war? Yea! There are chances of births of super talented people even in such harsh places! And what happens to them? They die! They die a terrible death! Now if i say that my neighbor has always annoyed me so i should nuke him to make him quiet! How dodoedodoes that sound? Huh?
Russian ukrainian war started with just few reasons, now, its escalating. Millions of people face the troubles! Millions! And over that! Ukraine now tries to protect itself by martial law! What else can it do if the world doesnt help to stop these stupid wars! Whats the fun in killing our fellow humans if we are all related! Huh? Plus! Where is the justice? What happened to it? Say something! I am just a youth trying to save my planet earth from few stupid people who believe in war and destruction of it!

We, the undersigned, call on the UNITED NATIONS (UN) to stop this war by pressurizing and not by sending troops and making it worse! Pressurize the economy of that country who is trying to take over or control the other due to its weak economy and different ideas.

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