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hackney council
United Kingdom

We are parents of children attending Holmleigh Primary school who are veryly
concern about the situation with traffic during mornings and afternoons at the
school entrances, in both Dunsmere and Holmleigh road.

The particular concerns are:

* Parents/carers stopping or parking to drop off children in what is clearly
marked no stopping zone.

* Cars reversing to turn in the gate area where small children are trying to

* The continued lack of a Road Crossing patrol person in Holmleigh road
Many of us have witnessed several near hit incidents involving cars and school

We, the undersigned, are asking Hackney Council to take action to prevent a fatal incident. We suggest the possible solutions:

* The re-instatement of a crossing patrol.

* CCTV Camera to issue tickets automatically to those parking illegally.

* "No turning" signs which would also be enforced by CCTV.

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