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1. Safe crossing for Plaistow Hill School

Crossing the road outside Plaistow Hill is dangerous; every school should have safe access for the children, but Plaistow Hill Infant & Nursery School does not. The 'traffic calming chicanes' do NOT constitute a safe crossing; drivers become impatient when they have to go single-file, and pedestrians have no right-of-way here, which is a recipe for disaster. Add to this, the pollution being caused by all the waiting traffic, which is clearly not good for the children or local residents.

2. Warburton Highway needs a safe crossing.

Warburton Highway between Seville and Woori Yallock is a 90 km/h stretch of road with no safe crossings between the two towns apart from a single cattle bridge.
At the entrance of Old Warburton Highway (Seville East) there are bus stops, used every day by dozens of school children and other locals, with no crossing within a half hour walk.
People have no choice but to cross the dangerous highway, which has inevitably resulted in a 21-year-old woman with special needs being hit by a truck in May 2016.
Although making an almost full recovery, her injuries at the time were life threatening.
Warburton Highway falls under the jurisdiction of VICROADS rather than the Yarra Valley council, and they have listed a safe crossing as a low priority, however, a clearer sign has been placed in the area, informing motorists of crossing pedestrians.
Although a lower speed limit may improve the situation, it does not solve it. Perhaps an island crossing would be the safest and most cost efficient method if traffic lights are too inconvenient.

3. Safer children's crossing on Acorn Street

I have contacted Oldham Council several times over the last 3-4 years as I have extreme concerns about the safety of the crossing area on Acorn Street for children walking to/from Hey With Zion and St Edwards Primary School.

I was advised, after over a year of enquiring, that my concerns would be addressed, and that the crossing area would be made safe. To date, only a red patch of tarmac has been added to the crossing area which has done nothing to improve the crossing safety.
Cars still double park either side of the crossing area, which drastically impedes visibility of oncoming traffic from either side, and cars still also speed to excess on this road.

There needs to be clear signage coming up to this point from either direction to indicate “children crossing” and ideally a Zebra crossing, speed humps and 10 mile per hour speed limit approaching this section of road. Parking should also be restricted around this area to improve visibility. The work that has been completed since my first correspondence over 3 years ago is desperately inadequate and I still fear for my, my son’s and all of the other children & parents safety in crossing this road twice daily.

4. School Crossing needed at Ballarat Specialist School

School Crossing needed at the front of The Ballarat Specialist School.

5. New Crossing for Homesdale Road

As things stand, pedestrians have to read traffic lights meant for cars to find out whether it’s safe to cross, and the presence of two traffic streams with separate traffic lights creates added complexity for those simply wishing to cross safely.

The timings are such that pedestrians currently have to scurry across in an undignified manner. The overall message from the site is clearly one that pedestrians are secondary to vehicles.

Pedestrians were here first! This disregard for our safety and wellbeing is also bad for local businesses and development.

6. Say No to Daycare Center at Copper Crossing

A real estate developer (InSite Real Estate Investment Properties) is requesting Fairfax County to approve a special exception to allow a day care center at this location. (A 16,000 sq. ft. CVS SIZE BUILDING). The 206 child day care center would have an entrance and exit on West Ox Road across from the firehouse.

This development would adversely affect residents quality of life snd safety for the following reasons:

• Over 350 vehicle trips between 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM would be entering and exiting onto West Ox Road inside our neighborhood and creating gridlock at the neighborhood’s only traffic light.

• Neighborhood residents already experience severe delays trying to get out of the neighborhood in the morning at the West Ox Road and Centreville Road stoplight. Imagine 200+ cars trying to get out from 7-9 AM.

• During the school year, the traffic gridlock on West Ox Road would be particularly bad as school buses and drop off cars would mix with the day care and neighborhood traffic.

• Many drivers leaving the day care center would be frustrated by the gridlock at the stoplight, make a right turn onto West Ox Road and meander through the neighborhood to other exits at Copper Ridge and Floris.

• The additional volume of traffic in the neighborhood would create a dangerous environment for school children walking and biking to school as well as present challenges for the student-led safety patrol.

• The entrance to Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Station would be located directly across from the Daycare. We believe that having the Fire Station and first responders across form the proposed development will hinder operations. The fire trucks use both lanes to turn out, they will have issues at Day Care peak hours if they must answer a call.

• Because of the widening of Centreville Road and the higher speed limit posted now 45pmh (in front of a public school no less) All traffic to get out of our developments is currently best served by using the light at West Ox and Centreville Rd, which will only get worse at peak hours (AM as we go to work & PM return).

7. Petition for traffic lights / pedestrian crossings at the intersection of Botany Rd and Bay St, and a pedestrian crossing at Hickson St

Road Safety for children has not been addressed at Botany for Botany Public School students, the pre-schoolers of John Brotchie Nursery School and the babies, infants & toddlers of Hippo's Friends Childcare Centre, all of which are located on Botany Road, Botany. Bay Street is notorious!

Road Safety issues need to be addressed urgently and a safe passage provided for students, pre-schoolers, babies, infants and toddlers and their families. The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) have a Safety Around Schools Coordinator, we will be making contact to ensure these matters are being addressed seriously. Both the City of Botany Bay and the RMS need to move fast on this issue. There are many obligations both ethically and legally to our children, to local residents and visitors.

We need to make a legally safe environment. This is a matter of urgency! A joint coordinated effort is recommended before serious harm occurs.

8. Safe crossing at Buckhold Road

We recently moved into the borough and are very concerned about the safety of the crossings at Buckhold Road. On Buckhold Road there is only one proper and safe pedestrian crossing, which is located towards the north end of the road.

This means that the only options for residents wishing to enter King George's Park through the entrance at Mapleton Road (at 122/124 Buckhold Road level) is to use one of the very unsafe island crossings or walk north to the safer crossing and then walk back again (close to 15 min extra walk).

The reason the island crossings are so unsafe is that in rush hour it is more or less impossible to cross the road without having to stop on the island. We have three children, 8 months, 3 years, and 5 years and with a buggy the island can hardly be seen as a safe place for all of us in the middle of the traffic! The islands are small and hardly suitable for more than 2 people so with cars and buses often passing it at high speeds, in some cases most certainly above the speed limit this is a serious health & safety risk for families that wishes to use them. We're seriously fearing an accident is bound to happen each time we are crossing the road.

Many mummies/nannies and neightbours do agree this is not a safe environment for our children to cross the road/ go to the park. There are also a lot of pedestrians using the unsafe crossing island at 122/124 Buckhold Road coming from the Southside Shopping Center via the park.

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9. Install appropriate Brant Road Surgery crossing

Brant Road is a busy road at most times of the day with increased traffic at the usual peak times. A significant number of people including those less able bodied and those with young children cross the road to access Brant Road Surgery as well as schools, shops and homes.

Brant Road continues to have issues with speeding vehicles creating greater challenge for those wishing to cross the road. Brant road is too wide and therefore too dangerous for a zebra crossing so a pelican crossing is required both for safety reasons and to aid community cohesion.

10. Road Safety for Pedestrians in Lenton

There have been three pedestrian fatalities and many more injuries in the Lenton area over the past year due to a lack of safe places to cross the busy main roads.

Daily journeys along derby road are dangerous and people are having to gamble.

11. Safer crossing of Penkivil Street for everyone

This petition has been set up to enable a safer crossing of Penkivil Street for everyone. Installation of a traffic island or pedestrian crossing by the RTA is the request.

The position requested is where one crosses Penkivil Street between Orr Street and Martins Avenue This is one section of the Green Links Project (initiated by Waverley Council).

This is where many people walking/riding to and from work or school cross Penkivil Street.

12. A9 Road Crossing Appeal - Don't close 300 year old road

Transport Scotland are building a new section of Dual Carriageway at Etteridge that will have a closed barrier central reservation that will stop all off road non vehicular users of the 300 year old Wade's Road from Kingussie to Fort Augustus crossing the A9 here.

This is a popular route with locals, visitors and those doing across Scotland East to West Journeys. The original line of Wade's Road was slightly further North West but was moved back to the Etteridge Road end to avoid it crossing the dual carriageway section at the Crubenmore Railway bridge when the original New A9 was built in the 1970's. Now Transport Scotland wants to close this crossing point completely and they claim they have carried out a thorough consultation but few organisations even replied, especially the National Park who are the recognised Access Authority for this area.

The old military road is recognised as a formal right of way on both sides of the A9 and so should the crossing be considered the same. It is also possible thats closing this crossing breaches Scottish Access Legislation too.

Our campaign is currently supported by the Cairngorms National Park, the Local Outdoor Access Forum, Scottish Rights of Way, Heritage Paths Scotland, British Horse Society, Trekking and Riding Society of Scotland, British (Carriage) Driving Society, Various local Councillors, Various MP's and MSP's etc.
The photo above shows a simple livestock underpass further north on the A9 just like what is required at Etteridge to improve road safety for non vehicular users who want to cross the line of the A9 at that point.

During the consultation Transport Scotland told people and groups that "current levels of access for walkers, cyclists and equestrian users would be preserved when the dual carraigeway" - so of course people like the Scottish Rights of Way took this to mean that some form of crossing from the Wades Road on the East side of the A9 to the Core Footpath Network and Sustrans route on the other side of the A9 would be preserved.

However Transport Scotland did not see it that way and are refusing to accept the need for the crossing at all. This will out peoples lives at risk when they try and dodge traffic while trying to jump the central reservation on this section and possibly risk serious injury or even death.


Please visit our Facebook Page for regular updates and pictures. Search for it on FB by name and ask to join.
"Stop Transport Scotland Closing the A9 Crossing at Etteridge / Crubenmore" or use the link below - paste it in to your Internet Explorer.

The Hill Track Route 207 lifted from National Park showing the A9 road crossing at Etteridge.

An underpass at Aviemore for the Craigellachie Nature Reserve under the A9 - bigger and better than what we are asking for at Etteridge. Does it look like it would cost GBP#700,000.00 ?


Using another A9 Underpass near Kingussie, horses and ponies from Newtonmore Riding Centre - a much safer option than crossing a busy dual carriageway - and a much cheaper alternative to risking people's lives.

13. Petition for a Pedestrian Crossing Exning Road, Newmarket

A new housing estate has been built off Exning Road, no infrastructure had been provided, the through road is currently blocked, this causes serious road safety problems for children, Mother's/Father's crossing the road to get to their various schools or simply to just cross the road to do their daily routines.

Urgent action is needed to ensure the safety of all our families, this is an accident waiting to happen we must act now before some one is hurt or even worse.

14. Reinstate School Crossing Patrol, Mary Street, Laurieston

For many years the children of Laurieston have used the School Crossing Patrol at the traffic lights at Mary Street, Laurieston to cross safely to school.

On 8th of October 2010, Falkirk Council removed the School Crossing Patrol stating that it was not mandatory to provide a patrol at a pedestrian crossing point.

Mary St is an extremely busy road and the removal of the patrol will inevitably put children's lives in danger by increasing the risk of an accident at this crossing.

15. Call for a pedestrian crossing on High Street, Tredworth

Residents have long pleaded for a crossing outside the post office, as cars often drive at excessive speed along this road. The authorities have cut funding for such projects, but say that if a petition campaign gathers enough signatures, it may succeed in persuading them to reconsider this specific safety measure.

Every signature brings us a step closer to changing their minds. Petition forms have been made available in local shops, but we're asking for the support of internet users too. Thanks in advance.

16. Keep Our Crossing

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has announced that 145 pedestrian crossings across London will be removed.

One of those crossings is on Lewisham Way, the removal of which will make crossing the road to St. John's station and St. John's medical centre more hazardous for pedestrians, especially older people, people in wheel chairs and parents with prams.

We are petitioning the Mayor of London to reverse this decision and keep this much used crossing.

17. No to reduced crossing time

National charity Living Streets is calling plans to reduce pedestrian crossing time in London to be stopped - amidst safety fears for pedestrians.

As part of its plans to smooth traffic flow across the capital, Transport for London (TfL) has been investigating changing signalised pedestrian crossings, including reducing pedestrian crossing time.

Living Streets is concerned about any reduction in pedestrian crossing times. Fear of traffic and the tortuous amounts of time it can take to cross some roads are real barriers to people walking more short journeys, in particular older people and those with disabilities.

We want the Mayor to put an end to initiatives that involve reducing pedestrian crossing time.

18. Protect us as we cross the A242 to Royal Alexandra & Albert School

We are the students - aged 7 to 18 - attending the growing Royal Alexandra and Albert School in Reigate and we cross the busy A242 every week. It is the only pedestrian entrance to the school, and there is no safe place to cross. Despite speed restrictions, the A242 is a fast road, and many heavy vehicles use it.

We don't want to get hurt! We know that a crossing is being considered by our local Highways Committee, and we want to show how much we need this crossing right now!

19. Protect Children Crossing the A242 to Royal Alexandra & Albert School

Hundreds of children aged 7 to 18 attending the growing Royal Alexandra and Albert School in Reigate cross the busy A242 every week. It is the only pedestrian entrance to the school, and there is no safe place to cross. Despite speed restrictions, the A242 is a fast road, and many heavy vehicles use it.

A serious accident is imminent. We know that a crossing is being considered by our local Highways Committee, so we need to show how much we need this crossing right now to protect our childrens' lives!

20. Appeal for a Safer Crossing; Peppard Road/Buckingham Drive

Peppard Road/Buckingham Drive is a very busy, fast, road. It has numerous islands along it for pedestrians to cross the road, and allowing them to wait in the middle until the oncoming traffic clears. However, these are not suitable when there are more than one person crossing the road. It makes it more treacherous to cross when children and prams are added to the equation.

As a parent you usually end up standing in the road. There is really only one safe place to cross which is the pelican crossing by the Emmer Green Precinct. Many children have to cross this stretch of road because of where schools are positioned and their catchment areas are. All set out by Reading Borough Council.

New school catchments have been introduced for the 2010 school intake, which could result in more cars using this stretch of road as parents will choose to drive because it is too far for them to walk.

21. Free the Severn Bridge

People who depend on the Severn River Crossings are unfairly discriminated against by the Government and its Highways Departments by the application of road tolls. Although these are significant civil engineering achievements, there are other important road constructions where no tolls are charged to local residents such as the Thelwall Viaducts on the M6 motorway across the River Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal or the Southwick Tunnel on the A27 Brighton By-Pass as examples. Even tolls on other crossings such as the Dartmouth Crossings of the River Thames are significantly lower.

The Severn Bridge tolls punish the local residents to the tune of over £1250 per working day year. This translates to a need for at least an extra £2000 gross salary to be on an equal footing with drivers from so many other areas whose transport costs are included in Road Tax expenditure. This is unjust and discriminatory and may well be an issue that should be brought to the European Court of Human Rights.

22. Rail Crossing Overpass or Relocation

Ring Road & Winnipeg Street Rail Crossings:

Reasons to move tracks/build an overpass:

1) Trains are a major contributor to the cause of major traffic jam's & accidents on the ring road.

2) Derailment risk is increased, due to accidents at the crossing.

3) Hazardous leak risk is increased.

4) Lost work hours due to late employees.

23. Rename Animal Crossing Let's Go to the City to it's old Name "City Folk"

On Sept 12th it was revealed via the OFLC that Animal Crossing City Folk for the Wii would be heading to Australia with a new name "Let's Go to the City".

Not only is this name dumb, childish and immature - it's a smack in the face of fans in Australia who Nintendo seem to dislike and try and annoy us as much as possible.

24. Kingsland Primary and Nursery Werrington Road - School Crossing Patrol Needed Now

This location has been vacant since the previous school crossing patrol officer fell ill in June 2006, despite numerous recruitment campaigns and complaint's from parents.

Children's saftey is been put at risk.

25. Mary St & Metropolitan Pkwy traffic signal

Children who attend Gideons Elementary School on Mary St have no safe option for crossing Metropolitan Pkwy, the closest intersection to the school heading West.

26. Safe crossing at entrance to Merrist Wood Campus on Holly Lane, Worplesdon, Surrey

Every day, literally hundreds of pedestrians, largely made up of Guildford College students and staff, cross Holly Lane at the entrance/exit to Merrist Wood Campus. The area is a blind spot for both motorists and pedestrians and with vehicles often travelling at high speeds, it has become increasingly unsafe.

Guildford College Students' Union are leading this campaign with the full backing of the college and The Principal. The college has a large population of young people from age 14 upwards as well as many students with disabilities and the safety of all is of major concern.

27. Automated crossing for Leyton High Rd

Every day, my children have to cross Leyton High Road at the crossing by Dawlish Rd.

This is just an ordinary zebra crossing so traffic just carries on as if there's no-one there. Sometimes they even speed up when they see us.

This needs to be addressed before somebody is killed there. As I see it we urgently need a crossing controlled by traffic lights.

28. Require the connector road between Claymore Rd and Colleton Crossing

This connection is required by the Carrboro Land Use Ordinances:

Section 15-214: "Streets shall connect with all surrounding streets to permit safe, convenient movement of traffic between residential neighborhoods and to facilitate access to neighborhoods by emergency vehicles."

Section 15-217: "To the extent practicible, all streets shall be interconnected."

29. Safety and Transprotation @ Charles H. Lake @ Louis Pasteur

The School Parent Organization here at Charles H. Lake@Louis Pasteur Swing Sight School would like to request transportation and crossing guards for the students who attend this school.

Since the closing of Charles H. Lake School, at 9201 Hilllock, and the move here to our swing sight school (Louis Pasteur), our enroll has dropped from 350 to 118 students to as of today (8/28/2007) because of no transportation of our students.

Also we would like to request crossing guards for our students in route here. The streets that we are requesting is from East 90th and St. Clair, East 105th, and Lakeview. East 105th alone is known for it,s car accidents each year.

So for the safety of our student we would like to see crossing guards.

30. Stop speeding vehicles in Woodcutters Crossing

Woodcutters Crossing is a family development with family values. We all have children and or pets.

We like to enjoy our neighborhood by taking walks and having talks with friends and neighbors. We enjoy the East Tennessee seasons by celebrating our time outdoors.

We do not want any of our children or animals injuried or killed due to someone speeding in our neighborhood.

We have already had one incident with someone losing control of their vehicle due to excess speed and going airborne and hitting trees, we do not need another.