Executive Board Members of Tau Lambda Sigma
United States of America

On November 14, 2004 a vote was held among the members of Tau Lambda Sigma. They voted not to have recruitment with a vote of 15 against 14. Two-thirds of the sorority was present, but did not vote. Some members were unsure of which way to vote and did not vote at all.

With the uncertainty and concern presented at the meeting that occurred on November 18, 2004 it has been proposed to reconsider the issue of recruitment and to revote with more informed members.

By signing this petition you agree that there should be a revote over the issue of consideration of recruitment in the spring of 2005 for Tau Lambda Sigma.

By signing this petition you are not agreeing or disagreeing that recruitment should occure. You are signing that you want to call the members to revote the issue.

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