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In 1967, Australia launched their first satellite, WRESAT. While they may not have used an Australian built rocket (the USA donated a Redstone rocket), the effort was coordinated NOT by the Australian Government, but by CSIRO and the Universities.

Australia, along with the Soviet Union, USA and France, led the way, as it was the fourth country on our planet to insert a satellite into orbit.

Since then our space related activities have been virtually non-existent. The only launch vehicle Australia has is built by ASRI, a non-profit organisation, and is capable of sending only up to 100kg into orbit. Compare this to the USA and Russia, who are sending people to into orbit and to the Moon. Even less developed nations such as China and India have their own ambitious space programs. Whilst opponents may state that there are better uses for public money, it has been shown that as a result of the Apollo program, for every dollar spent, it returned 14 times that to the economy. It also resulted in enormous advances in many areas of technology.

Australia has no such plans. Australia has no space program. Australia has no space agency, or significant space launch capability.

In this era of humanity, spaceflight and space technology will play a significant role, and Australia will not be a part of it, as other countries go on to explore and colonise the Moon and Mars--even to develop and launch our own satellites--unless we act now and rebuild our space program.


Please spread awareness and help inspire a generation of scientists and engineers in Australia. It is time for the leaders of Australia to have some vision once again.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Government to reconstruct the Australian space program.

Our target is to have the Government rebuild the Woomera launch facility, and to have our own satellite launch capabilities, and perhaps even human spaceflight capabilities in future.

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