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1. Colonise the moon!

We could launch our rockets a lot easier and safer because the moon has very low gravity and little to no atmosphere. We could do a massive amount of research and learn integral lessons for colonising Mars in the future. They could hire geologists, technicians, engineers, pilots, chefs and dozens of more jobs that YOU could be responsible for.

2. Release Bear in the Big Blue House Entire Series on DVD

I Loved and Watched the Show since 2002.

I haven't seen all the episodes, because not all the episodes are on DVD or VHS.

I think it would also make an awesome Christmas gift.

3. Boycott the Moonpad

This petition is for the 20 bands involved in the Psycho Babe Carnival on Friday, June 13th 2014 who never got paid.

Derrick Knight, owner of the Moonpad Hostel in Boyle Heights, CA, has a serious problem saying no to people. When I first approached him in February about this renting the place for this carnival 6 months from then, he asked me to book little shows there on Sundays in the mean time. I had many questions about direct payment for those bands and cutting us a great deal for the carnival, he said yes to all of them, and only the very first Sunday were they all met. I asked him if the backyard would be organized and cleaned before my event because it was completely crowded with dangerous piles of trash and broken sharp objects. He said yes to that, but my associate Kasey Proudfoot and I had to spend 4 hours getting black and bloody cleaning that all out ourselves the day before. I asked him if he had permits for live music and drinking, he said yes to everything.

Then when the carnival came, he not only said yes to me about reserving rooms and beds for my carnival-goers, but also said yes to every traveler who came through the door that week, leaving no beds for my carnival-goers and even rented out the tiny VIP area (now just an air mattress on the floor) to an unsuspecting traveler in front of me.

He told me I could have bands play music for 20 hours straight, but also told a man he rented a studio to situated directly in front of the stage that he could turn off the electricity if the noise bothered him.

He responded to my emailed contracts affirmatively, although he claims to not remember, and counted the money with us which we put it back into his cash register in front of him, and also does not remember that. He admits to accepting and ingesting some LSD the night of the carnival, which may account for his forgetfulness. He says there is surveillance footage of the working of the cash register for the whole night and every day since then, although I have not gotten to see it. This footage would show him convincing me and my door people to put the money into his cash register, him renting out absurd spaces in this unhealthily over-crowded hostel to unsuspecting travelers (to whom he did not explain there was an all-night show going on) all night as well as drink tickets for the bar and tickets for the show on credit card, me cleaning up all the mess from the party and repetitively coming to him asking him to pay the bands in front of me and saying "yes", once again, but never doing so.


I love FULL MOON (TV show) and I think a LOT of other people say so to. So I say there ahold be mor episodes (eps.) so PLEASE agree with me.

P.S. I will love to know who is your favorite person in the show FULL MOON mine is Takroto.

5. Bring Moon Kana to Romania!

Kana have had a lot of concerts in Europe, because she really loves her fans.

If she knew about her Romanian fans, she would probably think to come to Romania.

If we get enough signatures, I will send her the petition. Our purpose is to bring her in Romania at Otaku 2013.

6. Bring back Button Moon

Button Moon inspired me to be an astronaut and fly to the moon. To visit Mr Spoon.

Kids need real role models and aspirations. Button Moon can provide both. In short and cheap 5 min gems.

Let's mend Britain's broken society: let's mend it with Button Moon.

7. Stop Nintendo sending out games late in Australia

Nintendo is sending out games late in Australia. And I don't care about the "America has a large population" thing because i've seen low populated countries get the games before us.

All they need to do is edit the games copoyright to read "Nintendo Australia" and ship the games over to Australia and according to Nintendo that takes 2-6 months! I highly doubt that.

8. Moonies Unite! Bring Back the Legend! Bring Back Sailormoon!

Sailormoon is a role model to kids of all ages in the episodes and with her "Sailormoon Says" add ons. This anime is one of the most popular in the US.

Kids (and adults!) love to watch the scouts and their klutzy leader as they battle the negaverse and learn valuable lessons that will help them later in life.

It is entertaining and informative, and there is no good reason why the series should be banned from US television stations.