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An email outlining new fees as of 1 August 2013 from APRA/AMCOS - Music in Your Fitness Centre.

1. Background music used in your centre on any device including background music systems, radio, TV's, iPods, CDs, hard-drives and cardio machines. $0.825 per member or regular user of your fitness centre.

2. Music from any source for use in Fitness Classes including (but not limited to) aerobics, zumba, cycling, yoga and pilates. You need to choose Tariff A or B at the commencement of each licence year. This tariff will then apply for the year duration. Tariff A: $2.50 per class Tariff B: $1.50 per class for each class with 10 or fewer participants and $3.50 per class for each class with more than 10 participants.

3. Copying music for use within the fitness centre (so you can copy music on to an iPod, mp3player, smartphone or hard drive for use as background music in fitness classes or as music on hold in your centre).
$145.54 to copy up to 500 tracks; $242.55 to copy up to 1,000 tracks; $97.03 for each additional 500 tracks or part thereof.

e.g. Fitness centre of 500 members x $0.825 per member = $412.50 +
10 exercise classes a week at $2.50 per class x 52 weeks a year = $1,300 +
$242.55 to copy music to a device (up to 1,000 tracks)
Total cost is $1,955.05.
This used to be just $194.73 per year!

We, the undersigned, call on the people of Australia to STOP the NEW fees for music licencing.

APRA/AMCOS have just introduced new unjust costly fees to the fitness industry without consideration to the affect it will have. It will cause many gyms to either close or put prices up!

Many instructors will have to change careers as it's not affordable to continue and classes will be cancelled. With rising obesity issues in Australia we need to keep the fitness industry going, not slug it with unjust fees.

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