John Watson Management.

Silverchair has established a successful 16 year career binding back to 1994. The three boys from Newcastle became famous after their breakthrough debut EP 'Tomorrow'. Over the 15 years, 5 albums (all debuting at no.1) and a whopping 21 ARIA's have been achieved from the band and singer songwriter Daniel Johns.

However, after such a successfull career, only 2 official Live DVDs have been released, and 2 official Documentaries DVDs. The LAS, (Silverchair Fan Club) as of June the 25, announced they will be closing down, leaving all Silverchair fans all the material and goodies they deserve.

So please if you are reading this, support the fans by clicking 'Sign The petition' Not only to benefit us fans, but as a Thank you to Silverchair for the past 16 years, and something we can look back on with a bright smile on our face.

I, a Silverchair fan and/or LAS member, call on John Watson to consider releasing a Retrospective Silverchair DVD over the 16 years of Silverchair.

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