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Over the last few years, we have seen an increasing number of incidents of simulation within football. As per the BBC, “last season [2012-13], 34 yellow cards were shown for simulation in the Premier League, up 14 on the previous season’s total and the highest recorded over the previous four years.” With the recent introduction of retrospective action for acts of violent conduct that have gone unseen by the referee, why are we not able to introduce similar such action against simulation?

This is a solution that is supported by both supporters and people in the game; none other than David Moyes, who said “I have said for many years that we should have retrospective video action against diving,” Moyes said. “That would help referees no end. My views haven’t changed from when I was at Everton to when I was at Manchester United.”

We believe that with enough support, we can bring this issue to the attention of the Football Association of England with the aim of hopefully removing simulation from the game of football.

We, the undersigned, call on the Football Association to introduce the use of retrospective disciplinary action to help reduce the number of acts of simulation present within the game of football.

With the number of incidents of simulation increasing, and the introduction of retrospective action against violent conduct in the Premier League, we believe this is the perfect opportunity to start to deter simulation in football. Combined with the recent introduction of goal line technology, there is a undeniable shift towards technology in football that should be capitalised on.

The introduction of retrospective action against acts of simulation, using video technology, a refereeing panel, or by other means, would go a long way to removing the injustices of diving within football and help to restore the integrity of the game.

We need your support to help raise the awareness of this initiative, and therefore invite you to sign this petition, to be present to the Football Association, to initiate a process going forward whereby we are able to remove simulation from Football.

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