Civil Air Patrol & USA Elected Officials
United States of America


In reference to The National Uniform Committee of the US Civil Air Patrol HQ's decision to remove the USA Flag emblem from field uniforms, we determine that the duty of CAP is to foster patriotism to the United States of America among its cadets and civilians. Honoring our flag is consistent with the patriotism the cadets express in their service to their country. Furthermore, the cadets are proud to display the flag on their uniform and find do not find it inconvenient. CAP is comprised of those who willingly volunteer their time and effort to help their communities and nation, Thus, displaying the flag is considered an honor that should supersede any concern for strict USAF compliance and hypothetical points of contention.

We urgently request the US Flag patch on the BDUs and Blue Field Uniforms of the Civil Air Patrol of this great nation.

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The Restore the American Flag to the Civil Air Patrol Uniform petition to Civil Air Patrol & USA Elected Officials was written by Turner Duffey and is in the category Patriotism at GoPetition.