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This is a petition requesting all international graduates from UK Universities to fight for rights for the post study work visa. So many international students have been rejected the post study work scheme because of shortfall in funds which was not clearly explained. This is unfair and seriously questions the credibility of this rule as it is intentionally meant to rob students of their post study work permit. This is discriminatory and racist.

I, Nancy Adebe, call on all international students and advocates of the Post Study Work Scheme to stand up and fight for their right. We pay at least 10000 pounds tuition fee for a 1 year course to study in this country and only to be robbed of our rights because we are looked on as the minority who have no voice.

We are termed poor but we pay the highest fees for our studies and then rejected extension of our visas.
After spending all our hard earned money to study, what you get is a rejection from the Home office because you had a shortfall of 20 pounds or less from meeting an 800 pound requirement. Can citizens of this country maintain 800 pounds for even a year? NO, but the 'poor' people as we are called are expected to. This is unfair and we deserve to be treated better. We are all human beings, with feelings, where is equal opportunity? If you are for this cause, i urge you to sign this petition let justice prevail. So many of your brothers and sisters have gone back home with nothing to lean on because of the stringent roles imposed on us.

Economic crisis is affecting every country in the whole wide world not only UK. Please, I urge you to sign this petition and let justice prevail.

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