#Human Rights
MPP-Michael Mantha Algoma-Manitoulin

There are approximately 31 families currently living in River Valley Park. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and the Algoma Public Health are Ordering the Owner of River Valley Park to Close by May 1, 2018 due to a failed septic system. If the owner has not secured the Financial Assurance, Finances for repairs and have all steps in place to begin the work, it will close. Approximately 60 residents consisting of seniors, low income families, pensioners, single parents and their children who have invested their lives here, will become HOMELESS.
We are asking for the help from the government to assist the owners and homeowners of River Valley Park to keep it open.

We, the undersigned, call on the Legislative Assembly to rescind or extend the closure order made by the Algoma Public Health and allow River Valley Park to stay open. We are asking the Government to assist with the repairs so the homeowners in River Valley Park don't lose their investments, their HOMES.

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