#Residential Disputes
Oak Landing HOA Mulberry, FL
United States of America

Members of the Homeowner’s Association of Oak Landing:

We would like to point your attention to a pressing issue facing our community. In the last year, multiple neighbors have been plagued by an aggressive canine, loud and obnoxious party-goers, and loud and vulgar language all originating at 340 Oak Landing Drive. Even though some of us may have avoided these unpleasant occurrences, we all suffer from their negative affect upon our neighborhood.

The homeowners at 340 Oak Landing Drive have been contacted numerous times by the Oak Landing HOA with no compliance or regard for their neighbors. This petition seeks a fair and equitable solution to the above mentioned conflicts and strengthens the actions being taken by the Oak Landing HOA.

We, the undersigned, are the concerned residents of Oak Landing in Mulberry, FL who urge the homeowners residing at 340 Oak Landing Drive to resolve to ongoing conflicts of an aggressive canine charging into the street, loud and obnoxious party-goers, and loud and profane language by enclosing the rear part of their property in an HOA-approved fence in accordance with our community’s bylaws.

Compliance with this petition will ensure a safer community for the residents and children of Oak Landing Mulberry, FL.

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