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The Republican Party has lost its way. These days it seems like they are liberals and democrats with little to no opposition.

They are free to socialize our country and take our freedoms. We as Republicans must reaffirm our motives to the American people.

Ever has our party been the keepers of liberty and the defenders of freedom. Always have we put our country ahead of ourselves.

From Abraham Lincoln’s struggle to free oppressed people within our borders to Ronald Reagan’s fight against worldwide communism, we have tried to empower the American people. We have stood for the rights of all Americans to be free, prosperous and safe from attack. We have been the party that stood up against Imperialist Japan’s mighty Navy and Air Force, the German’s elite Armor and Infantry and the Ballistic Missiles of socialist Russia. We have torn down walls and fought back invaders. We have fostered peace and respect across the globe. Our party has always embraced Capitalism, free enterprise and the right of all Americans to achieve wealth through hard work and determination.

We are the party that aspires to be good stewards of the planet while still remaining a free and independent nation.

It is with these values in mind that we Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians and moderates reaffirm our commitment to the people of the United States of America. It is in the footsteps of the founding fathers that we follow and the people for whom we govern.

These 10 Commitments are our solemn vow to the American people to continue in the course of our nation’s greatest leaders.

I. Our commitment to winning victory in Iraq
We commit to continuing to assist the Iraqi people in their struggle to defend themselves against insurgent terrorists. We commit to helping the people of Iraq build a strong and prosperous Democratic nation free from tyranny, oppression and terrorism.

II. Our commitment to securing our borders
We commit to securing the borders of the United States of America. We will end illegal immigration starting with border security. We will employ all available methods to ensure the safety of our citizens, our economy and our liberty. From border guards to Aerial surveillance and high tech laser fences we will ensure our nations safety and security.

III. Our commitment to winning the war on terror
On September 11th 2001 our country faced something that had not happened to us in nearly 60 years. We were attacked on our own soil by an outside entity. Not since Pearl Harbor had an outside force attacked us on our own ground. We believe that all Americans have the right to live without fear of another terrorist attack. We commit to stopping global terrorists by all means necessary.

IV. Our Commitment to energy independence
We commit to creating an America that does not depend on foreign oil. We can achieve this by using a two stage strategy. Stage one consists of a short term plan which utilizes the latest, cleanest, safest and most environmentally friendly drilling and refining methods to produce our own oil from our country’s natural resources. We will tap into the great energy supplies within our own borders and build new refineries to efficiently produce our own oil and gasoline supplies. We will begin constructing safe, clean and reliable nuclear power stations. We will stop exploiting our own food supply to create energy. As new technologies evolve and become safer and more efficient we will embrace them. We commit to being good stewards of our planet and leaving little to no footprint.

V. Our commitment to cut excess government spending
We commit to ending wasteful and excessive government spending which costs the American people billions of dollars every year. We commit to being smart about whom we do business with and being accountable for every dollar spent. We must limit the size and scope of our national government. We must turn the balance of power back to the people of the United States and not the government.

VI. Our commitment to cut taxes for all Americans
As Republicans, we have always looked to lower the taxes and fees paid by the American people. As we lower our spending we can continue to reduce the tax burden on America. The people of America must be allowed to build their own wealth and not the wealth of their government.

VII. Our commitment to eliminating earmarks
As we cut spending we commit to eliminating earmarks from out legislation. Tax dollars must be spent wisely, all programs must be carefully researched and funds should be distributed by Federal agencies not arbitrarily handed out by elected officials. This is especially true in relation to pork barrel spending. We cannot allow elected officials to steal public tax money and give it to their political contributors.

VIII. Our commitment to promote Capitalism and Democracy
Our founders blessed us with a free nation for the people and by the people. We must continue to embrace the ideas of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We must not look to our government for our happiness. We must allow the people of America to create their own happiness. We must govern our country by the laws of its people. We must place the ideas of people above political ambitions. We will foster the ideas of capitalism, free enterprise and the freedoms granted by democracy around the globe.

IX. Our commitment to a strong foreign policy
In modern times it has become more important than ever to foster a constructive relationship with countries across the globe. From our neighbors in Mexico and Canada to faraway lands like Iraq and China, it is imperative that we work together to keep peace and Democracy available to all. We will follow in the footsteps of those who came before by stressing peace through strength. Strong ties with allies and a proven record of rewarding regimes who embrace human rights while standing in the face of those who would seek to enslave their people and create chaos across the globe is our objective.

X. Our commitment to continuing the traditions of our founders
The founders of our great nation envisioned a land where all men and women were created equal. While they knew that there were things they could not hope to change in their lifetimes, they put in place a constitution that allowed future generations to change them and right great injustices. Through the prism of history we have seen wrongs righted. We have seen the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Rights Act and the Anti-Slavery Movement change our nation for the better. We seek to continue these traditions and ensure that we correct the injustices we can, while leaving future generations with the power to do the same for those we cannot.

We will appoint judges who seek to preserve and rule by the Constitution of the United States of American, not those who would legislate from the bench.

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