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Since Mary Harney, the Minister for Health and Children in Ireland, has been in her position there have been many controversial stories ranging from using government jet for a Trip to Florida costing the taxpayer in the region of 80,000 Euro and reportedly she had a haircut costing 400 dollars, in 2006 controversy about 455 patients waiting on hospital trolleys one day, and recently has been in news as stories emerged of her moving cancer services from Sligo General Hospital to Galway Hospital (around 2 hour journey for Cancer patients) with dis-regard to huge public outcry.

And also the handling of closing wards and operating theatres in Crumlin Children's Hospital up in Dublin that nationally treats sick children in Ireland claiming that they had overspent on Budgets.

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We the undersigned would like to see Mary Harney, Minister for Health and Children in Ireland, removed from her present position from government and a competent candidate reinstated in her place.

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