#City & Town Planning
Roger C. Claar, Mayor of Bolingbrook, IL
United States of America

In the Village of Bolingbrook, IL between Weber Road and Illinois Route 53, the far right (southern) East-bound lane of Boughton Road is splitting down the middle and has uneven (not level) pavement. In certain sections, there has been maintenance work and there are two rectangular man-hole covers approximately every 500 feet.

The patched pavement around these covers is rough and in places higher than a speed-bump, which can cause severe strain or damage to vehicle tires, struts, and shocks.

We, the people of Bolingbrook, IL and surrounding areas, who drive through Bolingbrook using Boughton Road, one of the most trafficked thoroughfares of the city, hereby demand that the East-bound lane of Boughton Road be leveled and re-paved to remove the unsafe pavement and for the safety of our vehicles and drivers.

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