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SWFL Regional Pastors & Leaders
United States of America

The painting of General Robert E Lee on public display commemorating him as a Confederate soldier has became an increasingly sensitive issue, Located in the Old Lee County Courthouse building, the painting is at the forefront of the Board Chambers meeting room for the Lee County Board of County Commissioners. As the five-member Board of County Commissioners is the legislative and governing body of Lee County, Fl we wish to petition the move of the painting to a more appropriate venue.

We, the undersigned support the convictions of the SWFL Regional Pastors & Leaders Association who are united in their conviction that the large painting of Robert E. Lee hanging as a centerpiece in the Old Lee County Courthouse Board Chambers is offensive to a large portion of our citizens. We believe a more appropriate venue for this painting would be a local museum. This would preserve it's historical importance to our history while demonstrating respect for all of our residents.
We are grateful for your leadership and believe that you share our desire to be sensitive to all ethnic groups making up the diverse demographics of this community. We are grateful to learn that this topic has been at the forefront of discussions of the SWFL Regional Pastors & Leaders for several years. Because of the current climate of unrest in our nation, the general public is more aware of how demeaning symbols can be, and we understand and agree with the request to relocate this painting.
Thank you in advance for your consideration of this petition. We are hopeful of a timely resolution to this issue.

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