#Roads & Transport
Landon Bode
United States of America

January 26, 2006

This petition is here to remove the no parking signs on Woodhaven Circle.

The reason for this petition is in response to the amount of parking currently available. There is hardly a sufficient amount of parking spaces for the number of tenants that reside in the Jacob Heights Townhouse Development. This parking issue causes a number of problems for the tenants that live in the Jacob Heights Townhouses along with residents of Mankato that don't live there.

The first problem created from these no parking signs is resident parking. The problem arises due to the fact that there are four tenants living in each unit in Jacob Heights. There is no possible parking configuration utilizing the garage and driveway that will allow any single tenant to leave at anytime. This is the first reason why parking on Woodhaven is requested. A lot of the residents living here are college students.

Everyone has busy class and work schedules and being blocked in your driveway by a roommate not home is not a valid excuse for a professor or employer. The second major problem created from the no parking signs on Woodhaven is in regards to visitors and guests. If all tenants are home there are no available parking spots nearby for guests. This makes is very difficult to meet with friends, family, coworkers, and classmates in the Jacob Heights Development.

There are currently 42 units in the Jacob Heights Townhouse Development. There is also an additional 24 units under construction. This means that the current problem is only going to get worse unless the city of Mankato does something about it. Enclosed is a list of Mankato residents who all agree with the complaints stated above. The residents of Mankato demand action. There are obviously plenty of solutions to the current dilemma.

If authorized parking signs are required for the public street of Woodhaven Circle then possibly permit only signs could replace the no parking signs. Another solution is to build another public parking lot across from the Jacob Heights Townhouses.

Remove No Parking signs on Woodhaven cir.

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