#Gender Rights and Issues
Target Australia Pty Ltd

The background for this petition is simple: Target stores in Australia have removed something that 40,000 people think is offensive and should not be in the public realm because they have a problem with the content. That is ok, it is their right to think the way they do and we should all fight for everyone's right to say and think what they want to say and think.

However, this has gone too far. Adults have now been denied the ability to buy something from a store, because it offends some people. Ok Then. This petition hopes to reach the same goal of getting something off the Target shelves that makes no sense what so ever and get national coverage and also make people aware of their rights.

This is a rising issue in our society, that women are starting to be placed on a high horse because the media shows all men as being bad and violent.

Many women reading this will look to their husbands of boyfriends and think: I don't see him as being bad? And that is right. Only a few men are bad and violent and these should be locked away because hurting any person is a crime.

The rights of all humans, not men or women, humans, must be the same if there is to be gender-equality. I should be able to get the same job as a woman and a woman should be able to get the same job that I have.

This petiotions main goal is to raise awareness about the growing gap between the the public-rights of men and women, the latter being given more weight. (Public rights being the moral high ground of every woman no matter what her goals or intent are). I am not saying women should have less "say" or men have more "say", but all people should have the same "say" in any topic.

Please sign and help get national coverage for this topic, before equality between men and women becomes a real topic/problem for us all.

We are talking about a video game, a virtual experience and marked for adults! Many people see these games as art and we all know, at least we should, where and when art was censored (Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia as an example).

If children come into contact with these games, it is the guardian's fault. Or we could just say: A child picked up a beer from a table because it is curious? Well let's ban all alcohol - and idiotic premise.

Thank you for reading.

By signing this petition, I want Target Australia Pty Ltd to remove the following items:

- All Tomb Raider video games for all gaming systems - as this is a game about a woman killing men to get rich and meet her high standards. I see it as a "Man killing simulator" and such a game should not be played by anyone.

- All Cookbooks and Kitchenware - because I am not able to cook anything other than baked beans on toast. I am offended and hurt in an emotional way, by the notion, that people want to try different things and are better that me in some or many ways.

- All canned sugar drinks like Cola, Lemonade - as these destroy our teeth and health from the inside. I feel, I know what other people should be doing and because they still consume these unhealthy products, I feel I must act to remove these from the public realm.

- The childrens toy's called "Nerf Guns" - as these make war, guns and killing seem fun and could lead them, to one day, playing such removed games as Grand Theft Auto 5 or other games where violence is a main theme to the story.

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