University at Buffalo Residents Halls & Apartments Administration
United States of America

In the Fall 2004 Semester, Internet access was cut off for Resident Advisors on duty in the residents halls at the University at Buffalo.

This Petition is to request a reversal of that policy since it is detrimental to our job/school productivity.

To Whom It May Concern:

As a Resident Advisor, it is detrimental to my work to not have internet connectivity in the office while I am on duty. It makes it impossible to accomplish the duties set forth in my job description, such as:

-Program Proposals
-Incident Reports
-Communication with fellow staff members en masse.

I was told as an RA that my academic career takes precedence, yet without internet access the position is harmful to my studies. While I am on duty, I am unable to complete any of the following tasks:

-Take Web Courses via UBLearns.
-Research using search engines or periodicals through UB's library system.
-Access student resources via MyUB.
-Communicate with Faculty.
-Transmit files to internet accessible storage.

Due to the concerns listed above, I request immediate action by the administration of my department to remedy the lack of internet connectivity for Resident Advisors on Duty.

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