Beton Sports
United Kingdom

July 22, 2006

BetonSports has sacked its chief executive and left him languishing in a US jail. We think this is wrong.

The company terminated his contract and removed him as a director. The company also attempted to distance itself from salacious stories that appeared in The Mail on Sunday over the weekend.

The newspaper claimed that parties held at its Costa Rican base to try and encourage high rollers to spend more cash included the provision of ladies of the night, shipped in from the US.

Demi Moore's husband Aston Kutcher was also said to be involved in parties that "catered for every perversion." Carruthers apparently used to meet and greet guests at these Caligula-inspired soirees.

But hang on. Carruthers has been arrested for executing the business plan of BetonSports - that is to say undertaking online sports betting in the US. Surely therefore his arrest is not for breaching company rules but for implementing them. We think Carruthers has therefore been made a scapegoat by the company.

In executing the stated business plan he is clearly a model employee. BetOnSports should stand by their man, reinstate him and indeed give him a pay rise. If you agree with our campaign to reinstate the BetonSports One, call Kevin Smith at BetOnSports on 00 1 314 623 2734.

Please send Kev the regards of UK-Analyst.

We will forward this petition.

We believe that ex BetonSports chief executive David Carruthers is being made a scapegoat.

His arrest while carrying out company business in the US is not a reason for dismissal. We belive the company has acted in bad faith.

We believe that David should be fully reinstated and given a payrise.

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