#Consumer Affairs
City of Toronto

We are a group of Centennial College students and we have an assignment that is focusing on advocating a cause of our choice. And we are petitioning our City of Toronto to create awarenesss regarding the difference between high end living and lower class living.

Through this research, our group noticed specific grocery stores that have been placed in certain areas which aren't affordable for lower income families. It is unfortunate that the City of Toronto has also placed government housing condos in a high end area in downtown Toronto while also having expensive grocery stores around that area.

Our group is advocating to help citizens live a comfortable and appropriate lifestyle.

Please help us bring awareness to our issue also address or concerns to the public.


Thank you for helping us bring awareness.

Our main target is to show our city that this is a major issue and we need this concern to be surfaced to the public authorities to change our living situations before it escalates.

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