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John Reynolds/Red Box Management

This petition is for consumers of the Red Box that are tired of the maltreatment and contempt that the Red Box has shown towards it consumer base, Dublin DJ population, public and most of all it's target population the dance music community.

In response to the apparent lack of respect the Red Box has shown over the past few years for both it's consumer population and the dance music community I hereby withdraw my support for the Red Box by agreeing to a boycott of attendance at any Red Box gigs or affiliated promotions. This boycott will continue until such time as Robbie Butler the Musical Director of the Red Box resigns or a vast improvement is made to include: 1) An active system to ensure that the Red Box entry prices are in line with similar venues internationally, 2) An active decision is made to support home-grown talent by providing warm-up slots for up and coming and established DJs where relevant and main slots were appropriate for those that have excelled in their field and 3) A complete revamp is made of Red Box contingency plans , security arrangements , information services and in areas of public relations.

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