#Gender Rights and Issues
United Kingdom

In light of the rebranding of Kleenex "Mansize" tissues, trumpeted by UK media and social pressure groups, and in the interest of progressive social equality, we, the undersigned, hereby petition Mothercare PLC (UK) to immediately rebrand to the name "Parentcare". Furthermore, we request that Mothercare PLC immediately change their instore signage, removing references to "Mother and Baby" areas and replace them with "Parent and Baby" areas. We believe that this will encourage male engagement as parents and reinforce the notion of equality in parental duties, responsibilities, rights and privileges in the UK, and would be reflective of the progressive zeitgeist present in the UK surrounding gender issues and identity politics.

We, the undersigned, in the interest of gender equality, call on Mothercare PLC (UK) to rebrand as Parentcare PLC (UK). Further, we petition the same, and similar organisations, to remove references to "Mother and Baby" from their services and products, replacing them with reference to "Parent and Baby".

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