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The Benefit cuts, the needless spending on unwanted things with our tax money, the privatization of our public sectors, the cuts on our council, the outright breach of human rights and the government smiling as they do so.

I don't know about you but I want a re-election. People who voted Lib Dem have been betrayed and now, the government plan to cut benefits, pensions, funding to our public sector and where are the left wing while they do this??

We need another election, we NEED the tories out of parliament before the working class lose their homes, the sick and disabled lose their right to stay at home and recover and our children are forced to deal with the aftermath.

We have a right to speak, the government are not doing their jobs correctly, forcing us to pay a debt that is not ours, forcing us to live on the breadline and taking away our pensions that most of us have worked our whole lives for.

Petition for another election, Clegg took the little man's vote and gave it to the tories. They have no right. We can't be sure if they will listen but we can show them that we are fighting.

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