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This petition's goal is to raise the minimum base bay of $12.00 hourly up to $18.00 hourly for everyone on AOL Tactical Operations. Current pay raises will reset in an effort to restart this programs' pay at a more appropriate pay level. Plenty of other positions offered in similar companies such as Datto and Maximus pay their employees $20.00 or more hourly.

Being that America Online's net worth ranked in at $4.4 billion on June 23rd, 2015, it is fair to say it's small team at the triage desk that is called AOL Tactical Operations deserves a higher pay rate. Companies like Costco pay cashiers a starting wage at $14.00 an hour average up to $22.00 hourly and have overtime. AOL Tactical Operations has no overtime, healthcare isn't covered without an additional fee to your bi-weekly checks, and the requirements of this 24/7 program are extremely high and demanding for a job that doesn't have much opportunity for advancement. This job requires skills that are beyond starter career level, however the pay is equivalent to starter jobs elsewhere with minimal skills.

AOL Tactical Operations has helped AOL raise the profit margin by a huge percentage and deserves to be paid fairly for their hard work and dedication. Without room for advancement, or rewards for going above and beyond, AOL Tactical Operations only true incentive for working is to be able to put food on the table at home and make it through another financially hard month after another financially hard month.

We, the undersigned, call Sutherland Global Services to raise the base pay rate from $12.00 to $18.00.

We request pay differential for different shifts. (Amount to be determined by Sutherland Global Services.) With the base pay for all shifts being $18.00 we conclude overnights, and anything worked after 12:00 AM should be paid an additional $1 an hour.

We the undersigned have no incentive to do our best at this position as the pay is very low for the effort required to work this position, besides to support ourselves and our families at home.

Supporting our families is extremely difficult with the 24/7 availability expected of us, the mentally draining work we do and low pay rate. It is not only affecting our pockets and lifestyles but our over all happiness and quality of life.

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