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NASAs budget as a percent of the US federal budget in 1966 was 5%, we went to the moon in 1969. Present day NASAs budget as a percent of the US federal budget is 0.5%. NASA relies on Russia to send astronauts to the ISS and private companies to send supplies. NASA needs to become independent again to be able to achieve their goals and raising the budget is important and cant be done without it.

NASA is our agency that explores the universe, they represent some of the brightest minds America has to offer. Funding for NASA in 1966 as part of the US federal budget was 5%, now it is 0.5%. Increasing NASAs budget will bring a motivation to all young people across the country as it was during the Apollo era. As other countries catch up to America in terms of technological advancements we as a country do not care. NASA has the ability to motivate the country, resulting in brighter more brilliant minds than ever before. If we don't we are missing out on what could be incredible

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