Nanango shire council

For the last few years drought conditions have been experienced in division 4 of the nanango Shire. A pipeline has been constructed, with the assistance of a generous grant from the Federal government, to construct a pipeline between Tarong energy's feeder line the town's catchment area at Boobir Dam. While this is much appreciated, the increasing impost placed upon those residents connected to the reticulated town water supply is stilla financial burden to many, and there is a general desitre to minimise the need to draw from this resource.
Recent heavy rains have been very welcome, especially as water restrictions are still in place. However, it is a tragic loss of a valuable and irreplaceable resource to see thousands of litres of this precious rain water being lost from roofs and down gutters.

Brisbane City Council and many other forward thinking administrations across this county have implemented cash rebate schemes, thus assisting residents to install rain water tanks, as outlined in the attached document,which has been gleaned from various civil and state government information sheets.

We, the signatories below, therefore respectfully petition the Nanango Shire Council to adopt a Rainwater Tank Installation Rebate Scheme as a natural resources (water) conservation measure.

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