#Law & Order
Government of Canada

RCMP and police officers in Canada who often misuse their granted powers tend to either not have any criminal charges laid, charges dropped, or the minimum possible charge (i.e. misconduct). Officers if charged also face little disciplinary action from the police.

This tends to occur from "self investigations" of the RCMP. If RCMP or police officers in Canada break the law (i.e. Assault, Murder, Manslaughter, DUI, etc.) they should be investigated by civilians and not other police forces, especially their own.

We, the undersigned, call on the government of Canada to pursue charges and public inquiries of any and all RCMP/police officers who are presumed of breaking the law on duty or off.

Any actions taken by an officer(s) that are presumed of breaking Canadian law shall be dealt with by civilians who will handle the investigation, and the investigation will be removed from the jurisdiction of police, so that police aren’t investigating themselves, whatever department they come from.

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