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Miss Neelu Chaudhari was struck off the Register of the General Pharmaceutical Council after a 27 year unblemished career as a senior pharmacist, for Whistleblowing.

The professional body accused her of bringing the profession into disrepute by her belief that the drug overdoses prescribed in a five week period, before her neice's death, were not errors but deliberate and should have been investigated by the professional bodies, independently of the Coroner, Police Primary Health care Trust, NHS Hospital Trusts and the hospitals.

The drug overdoses prescribed by the GP were continued by hospital paediatricians after admission to hospital and the baby was denied intensive care. She was then subjected to a secret "withholding withdrawing treatment", "allow to die" and "Do Not Resuscitate" medical opinion against her parent's wishes and without their knowledge.

The hospital doctors finally invited social workers to apply for a secret ex-parte Emergency Protection Order and Police arrest Warrant to isolate the baby in hospital, remove her mother from her cubicle and deny family visits to hospital in the last 6 days of her life.

The details of the drug overdoses were omitted by the Coroner, Pathologists and Police at the Inquest.

Neelu compiled an expert report into the drug overdoses and provided copies to the respective professional bodies yet no doctor, pharmacist or nurse has been properly investigated. Instead, Neelu has been struck off for doing what the professional bodies ought to have done. She is also required to pay costs of thousands of pounds to her professional body.

This petition seeks public opinion as to whether,

1. Miss Neelu Chaudhari should be reinstated as a pharmacist;
2. Whether the professional bodies should investigate complaints independently, promptly and without time limits;
3. Whether Whistleblowers should be compensated for their time and effort and commended for their courage, honesty and integrity.

We, the undersigned, call on the General Pharmaceutical Council to reinstate Miss Neelu Chaudhari on the Register of Pharmaceutical Chemists and investigate the drug overdoses dispensed by pharmacists for her neice baby Sunaina Chaudhari, over the 5 week period before her death.

We also call on the General Medical Council to investigate the doctors who prescribed, and the Nursing and Midwifery Council to investigate the nurses who administered those drug overdoses independently of the Inquest verdict (Inquests are not fault finding and do not apportion blame or punish anyone).

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