United States of America

We earthlings are destroying mother nature aka "mother earth" at a rapid pace. Check out the facts yourself:
http://journals.sagepub.com/home/anr; The Anthropocene Review and https://www.loc.gov/rr/scitech/earth_d.html; Library of congress science reference books and magazines reveal our forests are being destroyed to satisfy demands of commerce and affecting wild life habitat and animal extinction: That due to illegal dumping and accidental spills of toxic liquid we are degrading and contaminating our fresh water systems,agriculture and land: Alarming levels of phosphorus and nitrogen flow into the oceans due to fertilizer use destroying marine life: Mammals dying because of plastic pollution; Excess fishing causing slow process of repopulating and reproducing new fish stock; Excess garbage and chemical spills in our oceans affecting marine life and extinction of sea creatures.

If you earthling feel our current environmental policies are not providing mother earth immediate assistance, SIGN THE PETITION.
If you earthling feel our government leaders are not doing enough to protect mother earth, SIGN THE PETITION.
If you, earthling want to help support our cause, sign the petition.

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