#Animal Welfare
U.S. Fish and Wildlife

Arctic sea-ice is melting at an alarming rate due to global warming. One of the primary animals affected is the polar bear whom is entirely dependent on the Arctic sea-ice. Drownings, once rare, have begun to occur at an alarming rate because of the far distances the bears must swim between substantially thick enough sections of sea-ice. Some scientists have even predicted ice-free summers by the year 2040.

Because of the drastic melt, scientists are seeing thinner bears, lower female reproductive rates and reduced juvenile survival. Of particular importance to this problem, is the recent increase by 28 percent on polar bear quotas in Nunavut. Instead of looking at scientific numbers of bears present within the province, the government of Nunavut chose to make this decision based on Inuit Qaujimatjatuqangit, or traditional knowledge.

Additionally, a significant number of polar bear hunt tags are being sold to American hunters that simply want the experience of bringing home a trophy kill: Canada being the only country where this practice is still legal.

Therefore, we as citizens of the world need to protect the polar bear from extinction, by fighting to have the polar bear added to the Endangered Species Act.

We, the undersigned, call on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Marine Mammals Management Office to protect our polar bears by adding them to the Endangered Species Act. Our reasons being that this great creature of the North not become the first extinct animal due to global warming and overhunting.

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