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Norfolk, United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Please sign this Norfolk-wide public petition today for the protection of crucial social services. Some are facing potentially devastating cuts of 50% and others, such as the Sensory Support Unit, could almost be withdrawn completely.

The petition’s aim is three-fold: maintain prevention services, maintain the Sensory Support Service, and maintain care for those with 'substantial' needs.

Services under threat include: home care for people who have an inability to carry out the majority of personal care or domestic routines; Specialist Support Workers who make it possible for sensory impaired people to live independently and access public and community services; grants to voluntary organisations who provide supportive services such as day care; assistive technology for the elderly and disabled; and Homeshield, a service which flags up potential problems at an early stage.

As numerous studies have shown, preventative services save money and resources in the long run by preventing deterioration in the health of the elderly and vulnerable. For example, Swifts & Night Owls is a call out service, used to prevent the need for hospital admissions. Cutting the budget to this service will mean that far greater financial strain will be placed on the NHS, a bill that will inevitably be picked up by the taxpayer.

Cutting support for people with substantial needs is against government advice, which also points out that it tends to lead to a longer term rise in the demand for social services as people's needs become critical as a result of not receiving earlier care. The council have indicated they may not make this particular cut this after all, but it’s important to keep up the pressure so they stick to their word.

There may be ways to save the threatened services – for instance, the Sensory Support Unit could be operated as a shared service with other authorities. However, the cuts are coming so deep and fast, that a nationally recognised service such as this is not being given the chance to find a way to continue. This is surely scandalous.

Please give your support today by signing our petition. Thank you!

We, the undersigned, call on Norfolk County Council to:

• maintain funding for prevention services;

• maintain the Sensory Support Unit;

• maintain care for those with substantial needs.

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